Thursday, September 17, 2009

Charles Johnson and LGF hate freedom

I've been a longtime reader of Charles Johnson's blog, LittleGreenFootballs, only to see it undergo a tragic decline to a meaningless rehashing of the days news, blind support of president Obama coupled with daily smears against all Republicans and libertarians alike.

For a clear example of how Charles Johnson tries to spin all news towards support for the president, read the following post, titled Obama Supports Extending Patriot Act:

Watch as the same people who loudly supported the Patriot Act for years suddenly start to find things wrong with it: Obama supports extending Patriot Act provisions.

The partisanship and blind loyalty to the president is astonishing. Let me just recap here. Obama broke a key election promise of his, and not only that, he did a complete backflip and broke his parties platform. Several senior Democrats have been fiercely opposing the Patriot Act and complaining about abuses committed under it for many years now. And the President not only keeps the Patriot Act intact, but extends it further.

Somehow, the focus of all this, and the biggest hypocrisy, is the fact that Republicans who once supported the Patriot Act will now start complaining ????

For months, LGF has been mocking the tea party protests by trying to associate them with the fringe of society - birthers and truthers.

The hatred of Ron Paul stemming from his non-interventionist foreign policy ideals has been perpetual. The Congressman has been portrayed as some Bircher society figure associated with conspiracy theorists, creationists and anti-semites.

Whilst doing this, he presents and links to narrow unqualified views on a range of issues on behalf of the present. From mocking creationism and promoting evolution (fair enough), to ridiculing all of the birth certificate crowd (also fair enough), he has moved towards linking to supporters of climate change hysteria, idiots who think auditing the Federal Reserve is a bad thing, and commentators that suggest Obama's health care reform is unquestionably benign.

From being a critic of the Democrats and anti-war crowd, to mocking 9/11 truthers and supporting the Republicans under president Bush, he has jumped sides.

But its not about which side you are on, its about what ideals and policies you believe in.

After moving across all issues and I predict that soon, LGF will have very little wriggle room left to move in.

Charles Johnson is an Obama lackey. For now.