Friday, June 15, 2007

Away for work, blogging will be light

Sorry to disappoint my readers, blogging has been very light lately and I will probably resume blogging as I return in the first week of July.

I may post some great photos from Japan, especially if I manage to find my dream camera, the Canon Powershot S5 IS, in Akihabara. Its not available in Australia yet.

I look forward to resuming my blogging duties, we have a federal election this November and there are daily reports of huge spending and pork barreling by both major parties.
Labor spokeswoman Nicola Roxon was on radio telling us that the things that will matter to average Australians at the next election are the environment and workplace relations.

Whether she is right or not is a separate issue. But the threat of bigger government, less liberty, more regulations of millions of contracts between individual employers and employees, higher tax, less property rights, looms ever larger as the next election draws near and the Liberal party attempt to match and even outspend their Labor counterparts.

The great hope for liberal democracy is the LDP.