Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rudd is full of hot air and empty promises

This guy is promising to tackle the "housing affordability crisis" now. First he's promising to put massive efforts into controlling the planet's climate, now he thinks he can change the subjective valuations that millions of individual Australians place on property ownership. Whats next, a promise to cure cancer ?

“One of the great challenges we face here is that if you are a young person, in particular localities around the country are asking the question ‘am I ever going to be able to get into the housing market?’,’’ he said.

“And Mum’s and Dad’s, sometime silently, in conversation with one another and absent the kids, are saying how much are we willing to shell out from the money we are saving for our retirement to assist our kids into the housing market first up.

No Kevin. Its not we. Its not the ALP who faces a problem. Its not the federal, state or local government that faces a problem. No single individual is delegating that responsibility to you.

Some young people may face that problem. They are free to form purchase agreements between property owners in any area, at any price that the 2 parties accept. They are free to bid at auction up to the price that they place on the value of the property. It may be a problem or challenge or sacrifice for them, but the best way to deal with this is for buyers to communicate, trade and deal with sellers via the free market.
“… In enabling first home buyers to get into the market we have got to realise the fact that many are beginning to despair about whether they will be able to do it and many are looking at how they might get assistance from their families in ways in which perhaps we didn’t in earlier generations.’’
Why do I have to realise this ? Its not my concern. I'm not being exceptionally selfish, but this is a realistic and pragmatic approach to life. People have to worry about their own problems and issues because they are best positioned to deal with them and resolve them. Home buyers are the ones who actually know where they'd like to live, how much they can afford, the size of home needed !!

Even if you pretend that it is your concern, you are only posturing. You aren't willing to put your own money out, you are only threatening to steal more of our taxes and redistribute it. And of course you'd earn votes in the process.
As a first step, Mr Rudd said that a Labor Government would create a single housing research body - made up of all three levels of government, industry, the Reserve Bank, academics and researchers who could supply comprehensive data about all aspects of housing.

''We want the best brains around to get the total data picture right,'' he said.
More bureaucracy and government largesse. What a buffoon ! He still thinks it is perfectly dandy to just grow government above and beyond - all you need are some clever brains or good management. Are you suggesting Comrade Stalin or Chairman Mao didn't have the best brains around ? Far out, this guy needs a history lesson. Socialism fails again and again, producing disasters, shortages, famines and misdirected investment, not because of stupidity or bad management, but because the whole concept of bureaucracy and big government was flawed from the beginning.

The ALP are nothing more than a bunch of meddling, thieving bureaucrats seeking to create more publicity and election coverage. What the hell are you going to do, throw even more money at first home owners ? All this does is inflate house prices further. Why not stop collecting stamp duty from property transfers, shut up, and stay out of our lives ?

The same message applies to the Liberal party !