Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Some interesting links

Thoughts on Freedom has a couple of new posts. One is a fascinating transcript showing a debate with a communist on Usenet.

Fran: To do that seriously, you must devise ways of working out how to reconcile your own needs and wants with the needs and wants of others.

Tex: Simple. I want to buy something, someone else wants to sell it to me, we agree on a price (or not).

Fran: You must distinguish out who is likely to collaborate with you (and for how long and on what basis) from those likely to compete with you.

Also up is a post about how minimum wage laws specifically harm the poor.

And here is a short article by the CTO of a technology startup, about how the Ron Paul revolution being the first truly digital movement.
The organization of the Ron Paul campaign is demonstrating that the corporate and government monopoly on, well, corporatism and governance, is weakening. The general population has just now been armed with digital weapons that allow them to challenge anointed power structures and the Ron Paul campaign is evidence that they aren't wasting any time getting to work.

$5 million in fund raising for the last quarter is quite an accomplishment. The seeds of liberty are planted and spreading.