Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hat tip to some top blogs

The UK now has its very own Libertarian Party which is terrific news for one of the most over-regulated, spied upon and screwed up economies on the planet.

Their website contains many useful links that led me to the following:

Burning our money:

"They spend 43% of our income, yet fail to deliver decent services. They promise prosperity, yet tax and regulate our economy into stasis. They talk up social justice, yet consign millions to welfare dependency.

Enough is enough. We the peasants demand our high-spending, high-living, conflicted politicos mend their ways."

The Burning Our Money Blog is supported by a separate BOM FACTFILE, containing useful charts, facts, and links.

And then there's Tim Worstall, who provides many insights that run against "conventional wisdom", with some illustrative posts as follows:

Why the record industry is screwed (hint, advice on how to recognise priate CDs….they’re better than the real ones) and a tip on how to get decent customer services.
And who points out "the triumphs of socialist agriculture:
An island rich in raw materials and with no shortage of trading partners despite a 45- year-old US embargo now produces less than half as much food as in 1959…