Monday, July 28, 2008

Hooray for e-theft !

[Warning - massive this post amounts of sarcasm ]

Thanks to the modern era, I just completed my tax return online via eTax eTheft. Thanks you very much for the 5 hours of my time wasted, Australian Tax Office. Its great to know you've been stealing thousands out of my paycheque every single month without skipping a beat, and that I can perform my civic duty every July, by reporting to you every single financial event in my life so you can assess me !

I feel safe that the government will make society better off with more money to spend. So of course the ATO ought to chase after arrogant celebrities like Paul Hogan who actually thinks he has a right to keep his own property !! What chutzpah ! Why look at this brilliant idea to search traveller's iPods at airports for illegally obtained music.

And we have a super-intelligent federal treasurer Wayne Swan, who is wiser than all those free-markets; he reassured us that our banking system is safe and sound as 2 major Australian bank shares plunge in the wake of exposure to garbage CDOs.

We also have our genius treasurer reassure us that the government will not let go of the revenue collected by the alcopops tax, even if it is blocked in the Senate. And Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong continue to ramp up measures against "carbon pollution".

Yes having a big government is a great thing, just ask Cuba and North Korea. What could go wrong with more departments and more public servants ? Local councils collect record amounts through parking fines, state governments make more than ever on stamp duty, speed cameras and GST on petrol. Its a pretty picture, right ?

Well, violent crime is up for starters, especially robberies and abductions. Shares and assets are down, property prices are following. The general cost of living (food, energy, transport) is about to soar if carbon regulations are introduced.

What should government do to fix these problems ? Nothing. It should UNDO the mess it has created and unwind half of the nonsense it gets involved in. It will have more focus on stopping violent crimes and upholding property rights if it stops messing around with other trivialities.