Monday, August 25, 2008

Coalition threatens to oppose gov't spending

Let's hope this is not empty talk, but the start of a commitment amongst the Liberals to return to their principles and oppose new taxes and new spending programs.

Rudd is not happy, so that alone makes it a good piece of news.

The Coalition's shadow cabinet is also meeting today to consider their final position on a raft of controversial legislation including the $2.5 billion new tax on condensate, a form of light crude oil.

The Opposition remains divided over Senate tactics on the new tax with some West Australian MPs determined to block the revenue raiser amid fears it could increase gas prices.

Mr Rudd warned today the Coalition must accept the responsibility for backing key budget measures.

``The Liberals control the ultimate passage of so much of this through the Senate, so the question of economic responsibility goes fair and squarely back to them,'' Mr Rudd told ABC Radio today.

``Are they going to puncture a $3.7 (billion) or $6.1 billion immediate black hole into the budget at a time of global economic uncertainty?

Ahh the greedy collectivists in Canberra need their loot to go on a spending spree. Forget our "time of global economic uncertainty", did we ever see the government give up revenue in the last decade ?

Oh, and a note of idiocy from Rudd:

``We, as a government, are committed to taking tough decisions and tough action for the economy's long-term interest and also for the environment's long-term interest,'' he said.

``Part of that is acting responsibly on climate change and part of that, in turn, means acting through a pollution reduction scheme.

``This will not come cost-free.''

No.. but it certainly will come benefit free !