Monday, September 01, 2008

Talk of childcare staff ratios ?! Are we that damn spoilt ?

Former ABC super-star, Maxine Mckew, is trying to grab headlines since her entry into the world of politics.

But with a pedigree in journalism at the ABC, she has more experience than anybody when it comes to telling people how to live, and how to be ruled by your elites.

In her latest epiphany, Comrade Mckew threatens the entire childcare industry to follow her dictat:

Rudd's handpicked adviser on childcare has attacked the current ratio of one carer to five babies as "not good enough" and warned the Government may link future funding to improved standards.

In an interview with The Australian Online, Ms McKew said Ms Fox's remarks amounted a "guilt trip" for parents, but warned there was a serious dimension to her comments. She said the current legal minimum demanded by the states of one carer for every five children was "not good enough.”

Here we have another example of government fixing a non-problem, by creating new problems.

For generations, parents *managed* to raise children. Manage is the key word. They don't know how they always did it, they each faced unique challenges and difficulties, some had large families to provide for on low incomes, etc etc... but it was considered a priority, and families did their best to raise their families through their own decisions, made in an environment of unconstrained choices and freedoms.

Now we face a culture where "need" trumps freedom. The moochers bid for our fake-sympathy and we are supposed to reward it by electing a party that coercively and forcibly steals property from its rightful owners and distributes it to those most needy. The single mothers, the welfare-dependent, those with many children, all form tremendously huge lobby groups.

So it no longer becomes a question of which party will try to represent them in elections, but to what degree EVERY SINGLE party will represent them. The Liberals implemented the idiotic baby bonus, Labor decided to maintain it once they reached power. The Liberals introduced a 30% childcare rebate, Labor increased it to 50% !

We all pay tremendous taxes on our income and expenditure, and those who choose to have young children are automatically given huge benefits at the expense of those who do not, can not, or choose not to. Public education costs around $6700 per student ! Baby bonus = $5000 ! Every year there are family tax benefits, Part A (as much as $5818 per year, per child) and Part B (as much as $3358 per year, per child).

And the recently introduced childcare rebate is very substantial too. Typically childcare can cost $70-$100 per day, and the government agrees to pay half.

This fat payout isn't enough according to Maxine Mckew, who is eager to seek out the female voters. We need better government enforced standards, according to her philosophy. Just like government schools are focussed on teacher-student ratios and mindless statistics, the childcare industry will soon be subject to the same level of government meddling, standardisation and regulation. All of these have the impact of raising costs which not only hurts tax-payers but it prices many low budget options out of existence.

We have empowered the state to subsidise and regulate the care of young children. The Department of Human Services are empowered to remove children from their families. We force children to receive vaccinations and to be schooled till Year 12, according to a government agenda. Why are so many parents so careless as to entrust these decisions to vote-hungry populist politicians ?