Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Stimulating our debt

How can I possibly debunk each and every fallacy, idiocy and lunacy presented in the:

$42 Billion Nation Building and Jobs Plan

I think these monumental wastes of capital and destruction of wealth and savings speak for themselves:

    • Free ceiling insulation for around 2.7 million Australian homes

    • Build or upgrade a building in every one of Australia's 9,540 schools

    • Build more than 20,000 new social and defence homes

    • $950 one off cash payments to eligible families, single workers, students, drought effected farmers and others

    • A temporary business investment tax break for small and general businesses buying eligible assets

    • Significantly increase funding for local community infrastructure and local road projects

I've always been complaining about welfare and government spending from a moral and philosophical point of view. It is all too easy to attack welfare from a practical point of view, saying that it goes to "bludgers" and "cheats".

But the real hazards behind the system, the very essence of why an extensive welfare system is immoral, and the very rationale that is articulated so clearly by Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged, is the following:

That people can present their *needs* as a claim on the property and liberty of others.

And thus each and every need (including failures, mistakes and idleness) are ultimately what are rewarded and compensated by government.

Our government occasionally lets the mask slip, to reveal that this very principal and philosophy is at the core of every regulation. Every single "stimulus" measure is carefully designed to exclude the self-sufficient, and those with a good income. Every single stimulus measure rewards failure of some kind.

Build 500 new science laboratories and language learning centres in schools that can demonstrate need.

Urgent maintenance to upgrade around 2,500 vacant social house

$950 Farmer's Hardship Bonus paid to around 21,500 drought affected farmers and farm dependent small business owners receiving exceptional circumstances related income support.

$950 per child Back to School Bonus to support 2.8 million children from low- and middle-income families.

At least 20,000 low-income households will be assisted by having access to secure and affordable public or community housing.

You see my point already ?

Every dollar the government spends is forcibly taken from somebody else who earned it. They are being compelled to pay for certain things. Those certain things are all justified on the basis of need. Nothing more and nothing less.