Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Left wing ideology is blind

Hypocrisy is when you hold one party to a high set of standards, but other parties do not need to comply. In liberal democracies, nearly every left wing argument fails the litmus test of being fairly applied to all parties.

Leftists are guilty of hand-wringing, self-doubt and self-criticism. In Australia, we are repeatedly reminded that we are racist, that we are war-mongers and that war is bad, that we are harming the environment, that we shouldn't have nuclear weapons or pursue nuclear energy, that homosexuals and minorities deserve more rights/benefits.

But when it comes to non liberal democracies of the world, their attitude is "Whoah, lets not judge them too quickly. Its their culture, we should respect it".

But when it comes to judging a dictatorship, socialist tyranny, ethnic groups eternally warring over land, aggressive theocracies... no criticism can be heard. Nearly every Arab government and society in the middle east oppress women and homosexuals. Iran and Hezbollah pursue nuclear weapons. North Korea threatens nuclear annihilation against Japan or America. China, Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria oppress political dissidents and curb freedom of speech. The government of Zimbabwe steals land from white farmers and systematically starves and punishes ethnic groups. Sudan is a place where religious and ethnic violence murders millions. These countries receive not a single mention from the leftists.

In Australia, there was a recent debate about using nuclear energy for the future electricity supply. The Greens fiercely opposed it, as they oppose all Uranium mining and nuclear technology. But.. lets see if they criticise Iran for silencing voices who stand for the same cause:

Habibi, Tavancheh and four others posted letters on their blogs in April calling for a national dialogue on Iran's nuclear energy program, which the West fears could be cover for atomic weapons development. The letter raised questions about the diplomatic risks from Iran's standoff with the West and the ecological consequences of nuclear waste disposal.

"Then (Tavancheh) was arrested. So was another of the students who signed the letter," said Habibi. "I think I will be next."

Habibi updates his site — http://www.daneshesorkh.blogfa.com — with news about Tavancheh's case and other bloggers facing trial.

"We will not go away quietly," said Habibi.