Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Letter to the federal Liberal Party

I am writing to express my disappointment at the announced proposals to subsidise fuel efficient cars. Not only is this a harmful idea, but it is totally contrary to Liberal principles and an unnecessary regulation.

The Liberal party platform claims to stand for economic freedom and growth. But increasingly, Liberal leaders have been bending to media lobbying and populist rhetoric and have been increasing the scope and size of government relentlessly, all along claiming it has been in the "national interest". And of course all other political parties stand for economic regulation and authoritarian government so they have been giving the current Liberal party a free pass and not defending the principles of freedom and enterprise.

It is not part of Liberal principles to redistribute wealth, regulate commerce and industry, subsidise lifestyles and subsidise feelgood environmental policies. All of these increase taxes and use coercion and regulation, instead of allowing a free market to determine outcomes, improve living standards and grow the economy.

Never before in history have hard working individuals been punished so much for productive behaviour. Never before in history have individuals been rewarded so much for need, failure and bad decisions. This government interferes in private relationships and families by massively subidising families who reproduce, subsidising farmers who choose to maintain their lifestyle, subsidising unemployed and students, whilst punishing individuals that work hard, those that are productive and those who direct their skills towards labour that is highly valued by the market.

Not only that, but this government is socially authoritarian, telling people what substances they may consume, which relationships are eligible for preferential treatment, that cigarettes and alcohol products must be excessively taxed, and that import tariffs must exist to protect inefficient Australian producers. Most outrageous is petrol taxes. When the PM was questioned about reducing the petrol excise by 10c, he arrogantly defended the status quo by simply stating "That would cost the government $3bil, where would we get the revenue from ?".

And to add insult to injury, a gem of Keynesian economic illiteracy was put forth, suggesting that tax cuts would be inflationary and would be a bad thing. Heaven forbid that you actually allow individuals to keep their money that is rightfully their property !

I hope that there is a dramatic shift in the Liberal Party towards its core values, and away from the ALP and Green's socialist ideals. I owe the Liberal Party no loyality, and at any given election, my vote will go to the party that best represents freedom.

Best Regards,