Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"Fresh Thinking" = Stupidity

Kevin Rudd launched the new look ALP at its national conference with the slogan "Fresh Thinking" last week. He attacked the Liberals and Howard as being old fashioned, stuck in the past and with no new ideas. He said Howard had his "head stuck in the sand" because he hasn't adopted the widespread panic about climate change as some kind of imminent disaster.

Rudd intends to show the elecorate that he will "take strong action" in favor of something largely useless, uncertain, unknown and of no immediate benefit to humans - by heavily regulating and strangling industry, commerce and households to cut emissions.

So, in much the same way as the left-wing British economist Sir Nicholas Stern was commissioned to write some alarmist report about climate change, where he both drastically overstated the impact of climate change and he understated the costs of the regulation roughly by a factor of 100. Kevin Rudd is going to commission his own Australian version of the Stern Report.

And voila.. the politicians and socialist elites had a flimsy report to hold up to the mainstream media, which was used as a basis for their hare-brained ideas and to justify increasing regulation and taxes.

He has commissioned economist Ross Garnaut to produce over the next year. Don't expect it to be impartial and objective. The results are already predetermined. As Andrew Bolt discovers, Ross Garnaut has already made up his mind:

He’s a useful choice for Labor. He says he’s “not an agnostic” on global warming, and is one of the 43 “eminent Australians” who signed a sniffy manifesto before the last election demanding the Howard Government stop telling lies. It’s no doubt unfair to recall that in 2004 he warned Australia could be on the brink of a slump as big as the Great Depression.

But here’s the absurdity of Garnaut’s inquiry: it won’t actually report on the cost of Rudd’s absurd promise to class emissions by 60 per cent by 2050 until after the election. In the meantime Rudd is promising cuts he does not know how to deliver at a cost he cannot even guess, relying on a British report even his global warming advisor tells him is flawed.

On earth, millions of humans are afraid that recent climate change is mostly driven by human activity and man made emissions, some people who actually know a bit about science are more cautious:

Antonio Zichichi, who is also a retired professor of advanced physics at the University of Bologna, made this assertion today in an address delivered to an international congress sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace…

Zichichi said that in the end he is not convinced that global warming is caused by the increase of emissions of “greenhouse gases” produced through human activity.

And this comes at a time when scientists have found the temperature on Mars has risen 0.5C in the last 30 years.

Kevin Rudd is not proposing Fresh Thinking at all. He is trying to put a positive spin on dishonesty and alarmist reports. And the media are only too happy to oblige and cooperate.