Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Idiocy of the day

RMIT university is without doubt, considered one of the top institutions in Australia for teaching journalism and media.

Why is it, that they spend an entire lecture, run by a guest speaker and senior lecturer Peter Weiniger, discussing the education system from an utterly one sided, socialist and left-wing perspective ?

The anti-Howard rhetoric was stepped up incredibly. Numerous comments about "the good old days when education was free" were thrown about. The lecturer himself suggested that Howard wanted to create a system where only the rich can get education. But to find the biggest specific idiocy, it occurred when Peter Weiniger was asked by a curious student what he thought was the biggest problem with public education ?

The answer he delivered could not have been *MORE* idiotic, wrong or ignorant.

He answered:

"Not enough funding"

In Victoria alone, the amount of public funding thrown into the education system has doubled in the last 8 years. Today, the State Budget will be released, and no doubt, the funding will be massively boosted yet again. Despite the fact that the system fails, politicians continue to throw money at it, hoping to win elections.

And despite the ever increasing amount of taxes stolen from working people and allocated to the failing public sector, the idiots who teach journalism to thousands of students would have you believe that the current approach of increasing public spending is effective. Is it ignorance or propaganda ?