Monday, August 27, 2007

Ever the PM shows his socialist stripes.

The state of government in Australia is abysmal. After 11 years in government led by John Howard, the so-called Liberal Party has failed to do much to cut taxes, which weigh down the economy and restrict the actions and choices of millions of individuals.

A liberal democracy is a government that should take no more than 10% of the economy. Our current leviathan eats well over a third of our GDP.

This is something I consider to be extremely serious and worthy of discussion. But what does the PM say ?

According to a Galaxy poll taken exclusively for News Limited, 51 per cent of voters believe high taxes were responsible for the $17.3 billion surplus announced last week, while 32 per cent attributed it to good economic management.

Mr Howard told reporters in Sydney that it was human nature for people to believe they were being overtaxed.

Yes.. and ?

We feel we are overtaxed, would you like to comment on that matter, and discuss what the correct level of taxation should be ?

Or perhaps you'd just like to continue this merry-go-round of expanding the size of government, the amount of money it can spend on programs and bureaucracies, the number of public sector "jobs" it can create, all whilst sucking taxes from the individual private citizens who work and earn it in the first place in the course of performing real jobs.

Unfortunately, Kevin Rudd wouldn't challenge the PM on this. After all, the ALP don't feel that we are too highly taxed, because they would maintain the status quo, and if anything, increase taxes.