Monday, November 26, 2007

Back from holidays

I'm back from Europe, where I discovered that the French love to go on strike for extended periods that inconvenience millions of travellers.

Anyway, blogging will resume now. I'm disappointed in the election result, my dreams of the LDP scoring a few victories and bigger publicity have been dashed, and the nightmare scenario of the ALP regulating our workplaces and introducing thousands of pages of environmental regulations is soon to come about.

Whats the silver lining in all of this ? Perhaps the Liberal party can actually rebuild themselves as a *LIBERAL* party for the next election. Maybe Kevin Rudd can really shake up the ALP and try to maintain a centrist position, infuriating the unionists amongst their ranks. And of course, just like Germany and New Zealand, by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, Australia is about to learn how it just doesn't work out. It will not be many years before those who voted ALP at this election will see some broken promises and dashed hopes, no matter how skilled or adept Rudd is.

He's been campaigning for months on catchy slogans like "fresh thinking", "new leadership" and "governing for all Australians". Now its time for a dose of reality.