Friday, November 23, 2007

If you are not a thug, vote for LDP

The media is still running with the general theme of "whose face do you prefer more ? Johnny or Kevin" which makes my skin crawl. It really re-emphasises the cynical notion that elections are where you vote for the person you hate the least.

But in 2007, tomorrow is your first chance to vote for freedom. In every single state in Australia, the LDP are listed on the senate ballot papers.

The major parties, Labor, Liberal, Greens, Family First and Democrats, are all authoritarian thugs who make promises on how they will spend your taxes.

They also make promises about new laws, regulations, quotas, police powers, surveillance, environment regulations and yet more legislation. These in themselves can often be seen for what they are - nanny state bullying and telling other people what to do.

But the concept of spending the current level (or more) of taxes is nothing less than a brutal and thuggish mentality because taxes are *not* voluntary.

If you like the benign, positive and egalitarian sound of some policies, like "greater health spending" or "more school teachers" or "free dental care for teenagers", then you can simply vote for the major parties who campaign on it. Whether more government spending will actually deliver better results in these areas is very doubtful (please look at the last decade as government spending has skyrocketed). But more importantly ...

You didn't ask your neighbour if they want to spend more money on teenage dental care, or baby bonuses, or family tax credits. You never asked another person for permission on how to spend their money.

Instead, you will be voting for a party that uses force to extract taxes and freedoms from people. There is no way to avoid this cruel fact.

I'd love to see a magic wand waved and more teachers for schools appear instantly. But do you have the guts, the aggression or the violent mindset to force other taxpayers to pay for your preferences ?

Put this aside, and vote LDP in the senate !