Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'Public health' is an oxymoron

The Liberty Papers has an excellent and thorough post highlighting all the problems with using the state to provide health to the public, instead of the free market.

The only valid criticism of the free market approach is that those who cannot afford health services ( without enough assistance from families or private charities) will not have access to them.

The valid criticisms of public health seem to outweigh the problems with private health.

We can see that far from being heartless, the supporter of free markets is really attempting to make medical care cheaper and more widely available, and that the advocate of government involvement is inevitably arguing for a system that is inefficient, not innovative and that in the long term will do a poor job of extending quality care to the poor who cannot afford it today. While in the short term, the state can commandeer impressive resources and make massive strides towards acheiving some goal, in the long term such actions can be very detrimental.

Go and read the full article.