Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sometimes Labor is more liberal than Liberal

I hate the Labor party manifesto, and its general attitude towards seeking out "a balance" and compromising between thieves who want to steal your money to help the poor, and thieves who want to steal your money to help families, and thieves who went to steal your money to help Gaia.

But I'll always give credit where it's due. Hawke-Keating made some great achievements, by cutting income tax and deregulating our economy for the better. Howard wasted a decade fiddling around.

The new NSW Labor Premier Nathan Rees has seen the looming bankrupcty of their state, as predicted by the brilliant ex-treasurer Michael Costa in recent months, and has decided to stop the rot and cut off the looters from the public purse:

A FIFTH of NSW public service fat cats face the axe as NSW Premier Nathan Rees struggles to drag the state budget back into the black.

Mr Rees told a budget estimates committee hearing this afternoon the Government will slash 117 senior executive positions in the state's public sector, saving $120 million over four years.


Last month, Mr Rees announced $1.9 billion worth of payroll tax cuts, promised in the June state budget, would survive the mini-budget process, despite a projected $1 billion turnaround in NSW finances courtesy of the sluggish property market.

The public sector job cuts announced today amount to 20 per cent of NSW government senior executive positions.