Friday, January 23, 2009

Government responds to my question by not answering it !

Back on 30th October, I wrote a letter to the Victorian Premier explaining the new evidence that the manufacturing of solar panels actually creates greenhouse gases much more potent than C02 and could actually contribute towards global warming.

I suggested it was unwise for our State gov't to subsidise solar energy through the feed-in-tariffs. ( Whilst the Federal gov't subsidises the cost of solar panels through a rebate scheme.)

In typical bureaucratic fashion, it was forwarded to the relevant department - Department of Primary Industries. And on the 21st Jan, I received a letter in response. Basically, it doesn't provide any new information and doesn't address my concerns. 2 paragraphs were a complete re-hashing of the Victorian gov't's policy position. i.e Reducing greenhouse emissions by 60% by 2050, compared to 2000 levels, supporting renewable energy through a range of actions.

Finally, a paragraph tries to sweep the issue under the rug as follows.

"We note the news reports in relation to the use of nitrogen trifluoride in the production of solar panels, and in many other types of electronic equipment. DPI believe that concerns about reducing the use of this gas are appropriately dealt with at the national and international level. This could in future be, for example, through potential inclusion of the gas as part of those greenhouse gases regulated by the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.

It looks like my question was completely avoided ! They are basically trying to say that they believe concerns about reducing the use of this gas are *PRESENTLY* appropriately dealt with ... which in *FUTURE* could be done by taking a particular action... ?

Are they trying to say that my concerns are addressed today, because in the future some action may be taken ?

It also indicates a willingness to adhere strictly and faithfully to the Kyoto Protocol, in the face of new evidence and new data emerging.

The letter then recommends I read up on climate change at and hopes that I found the information useful.

Does anybody think they have addressed my concerns ?