Monday, January 05, 2009

Welcome to '09.

I hope all readers have enjoyed their holidays, and I wish everyone more liberty and wisdom in the coming year.

Here are some quick roundups of online happenings and news bits:

The Australian Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (did you even know we had one of those little gems ? What happened to Rudd's promise to cut the number of public servants?) has an online blog.

  • One post on December 12th, titled "We Hear You" announces that comments are open for the public to provide their feedback (99% of which was fiercely negative)
  • One post on December 23rd, titled "Thanks and so long" announces that comments are closed.
That didn't last long :)

Fortunately, other websites are still open to feedback.

The treasury is accepting online submissions (till 1 May) regarding the Tax Review. You can also view other people's submissions. ( Many of these submissions, unfortunately, are the same chain-spam from environmental groups calling for new taxes on petrol). I'm tempted to submit a very short suggestion - abolish income tax, abolish capital gains tax, half the GST and sack the politicians.

And for my under-25 readers, don't forget that the Kennard Freedom Prize awarded to the best essay in defence of freedom, is still open (till 1st February), with the 1st prize being a ticket to FreedomFest in Las Vegas.