Friday, February 06, 2009

The intellectual depth of the left

Our PM:

The work came as the Prime Minister attacked Malcolm Turnbull as an agent for unrestrained greed and wanton neo-liberalism for his refusal to support the package because it would create a $70 billion debt.

Our Victorian Premier:

The package "couldn't be better-timed", Mr Brumby said.

"It means jobs, it means certainty, it means confidence, it means security."

Is there much depth to this argument ? Is it logically consistent ? Does it rely on reason ? Is it free from any premises and assumptions ?

No to all of the above. It is all self-serving propaganda.

How does saying no to years of deficits, tens of billions of dollars of spending equal unrestrained greed and neo-liberalism ?

Kevin Rudd's use of language is disgraceful Orwellian nonsense. It is Kevin Rudd who seeks more power and more authority to put the government budget into a massive deficit that will take future taxpayers years to repay. It is the opposition who stand up to this arrogance, and they are the ones accused of "greed" ?

What is "neo-liberalism" anyway ? Its communist speak for free markets and capitalism. The ideas and the actual growth of free markets and capitalism have been around for centuries. Portraying it as some scary modern phenomena to be done away with, like fast food, is downright shallow.