Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stop the bailout ! Senators respond to my enquiry.

I've tried to "save the world" as Gordon Brown would say, and stop this ridiculous one-off stimulus package that gives money to people who haven't earned it, and drives us deep into debt for many years.

After emailing all Victorian senators, all Liberal and National senators, both independent senators and a few Labor senators, I've only received a handful of responses, but all of them seem to agree that the stimulus is a huge mess.

Senator Barnaby Joyce:

Thank you for your email and support. The current fire tragedy is front and foremost today and our efforts should be solely concentrating on this today.
The stimulus package put us on a trajectory to financial economic oblivion with a 200 billion dollar debt, and for what pink batts, boom gates.

What about real infrastructure inland rail between Gladstone and Melbourne, what about the getting the water from the north where there are floods to the southern drought and now fire, what about pensioners. And now Mr Rudd has the arrogance to say “get out of the way”.

If the emails that I am receiving in the hundreds are correct then this package is of high concern to all who will be left with the debt to grind down the economic breathing space that our nation requires.

Senator Helen Kroger:

Senator Kroger thanks you for your recent e-mail.

There are many problems with Labor’s Economic Stimulus Package introduced into Parliament this week.

The Coalition believes that the package is poorly targeted, ill-thought through and irresponsible in today’s economic climate. There is no evidence that the Government’s $10.3 billion spending package before Christmas created the 75,000 jobs Mr Rudd promised.

The Coalition believes in good public policy that will create jobs and encourage productivity.

The Coalition has decided to oppose the Government’s irresponsible package – the largest increase in Government expenditure in 35 years. We are aware that this decision will not be popular, however, we firmly belief it is the right decision.

One of the biggest problems in the Government package is the lack of measures that directly and broadly support employment – particularly employment in the small business sector.

To achieve this goal, the Coalition has suggested that the permanent tax cuts currently scheduled for 1 July 2009 and 1 July 2010 be brought forward, and backdated to 1 January this year.

By the middle of 2010 this would leave a two-income household earning $80,000 approximately $1700 better off.

Senator Nick Xenophon:

Thank you for your email to Nick Xenophon regarding the economic stimulus package. Nick will be considering all aspects of the package carefully before deciding how to act. As Nick has said, "If you are going to by a $42 billion car, wouldn't you want to have a look under the bonnet?"

Thank you for taking the time to write to Nick on this important issue, and I will forward your comments to Nick and his advisors for their information.

Senator John Williams:

Senator Williams is opposed to the economic stimulus package in its present form. He believes money should be spent on long term infrastructure not one-off short term cash payments. He is also concerned that we are loading future generations with debt plus interest.