Thursday, December 03, 2009

Little Green Fanatics


Charles Johnson has finally confessed and written a post titled "Why I parted ways with The Right"

After 2 years of leftist hysteria, and alienating all his collegeagues on the Right, he finally acknowledges his changing philosophy.

And what better way to prove his stripes with a post that actually attacks the ClimateGate scandal as a criminal conspiracy ... by the hackers and climate skeptics !

Well at least he's half right there.. better than his average batting record.

For a closer look at his political wingnuttery and environmental fanatacism:

... the CRU theft was a criminal attempt to sabotage the Copenhagen climate summit, and the entire right wing blogosphere is complicit in the crime.
Gee was Charles Johnson this angry about the hacked emails of Sarah Palin ?

All thats left is for me to ask - Whats next ? Will LGF be cheering Castro and Chavez, Keynesian economics, the UN and other idols of the left ?