Thursday, December 24, 2009

Look out America, this is what socialised medicine is all about.

Socialism places equality above all else. Before prosperity. Before freedom. Before choice. Before people's preferences.

Socialised medicine isn't about helping the poor, but rather about tying the hands of the rest of society.

In Britain, the National Health Service reveals its nasty stripes in this telling encounter:


That principle was illustrated by the case of Debbie Hirst, a British woman with metastasized breast cancer who in 2007 was denied access to a commonly used drug on the grounds that it was too expensive.

When Hirst decided to raise money to pay for the drug on her own, she was told that doing so would make her ineligible for further treatment by the National Health Service. According to The New York Times, “Officials said that allowing Mrs. Hirst and others like her to pay for extra drugs to supplement government care would violate the philosophy of the health service by giving richer patients an unfair advantage over poorer ones.” The right to health care is so important, it seems, that it can nullify itself.