Friday, July 28, 2006

Doublethink of the day

Johann Hari, icon of the left, symbol of progressive ideology, cheers on the campaign to make poverty history. Lamentably, he does this by suggesting measures that will only make wealth and living standards history, and make poverty the futureof life for all of us. This guy couldn't even pass high school economics, nor high school english, with this kind of illogical Orwellian doublethink:

The first is free trade. This is where all countries – rich and poor – abolish their tariff walls and their subsidies, and exchange goods as equals on the free market. An Algerian can sell his goods to an Alabaman or Albanian without hitting any tariffs, and vice versa.

The second is fair trade. This is where the rich world abolishes its tariffs and subsidies, but the poor are allowed to keep some. It means the Ghanaian chicken farmer would be able to sell to us, but a chicken farmer from Surrey would have to pay a fat fee to sell anything back to her.
Ah yes. Its only "fair" that farmers are treated differently because of the country they live in. Isn't that discriminatory and racist ?