Friday, July 14, 2006

Letter to Andrew Sullivan

Hi Andrew,

I've been a longtime reader, for over 4 years now. Many people have said that you are no longer a conservative, and I haven't reached that conclusion myself. But as a non-American reader, I do believe that your focus has shifted towards American politics and ignored more pressing issues. And being America-centric is something that the left are guilty of far more often.

This weeks escalation in the middle east, with Israel being under siege and terrorists firing rockets at cities and kidnapping soldiers, you have almost totally ignored this issue.

I don't recall more than a token mention of the Mumbai train blast. Also, you devoted very little column space to North Korea's missile firing last week. You seem to be more concerned with torture and, since the Hamdan ruling, exposing past examples of torture, than other global conflicts.

Perhaps other conservatives don't cheer and support torture as much as you accuse, but they have other priorities. I've noticed you haven't said much about Iran's nuclear deceptions and Hamas shelling Israeli towns from Gaza over the last few months.

So perhaps, as far as foreign policy goes, you're not as much of a conservative as you once were.