Friday, July 07, 2006

The UN continues to bash Israel

The UN is a mafia, heavily populated by dictators, thugs and cronies.

If anyone tries to use the UN as a moral reference, a source of authority and sovereignty, in a debate, simply point them to this inconvenient truth (via Anne Bayefsky writing for the Jerusalem Post):

In Darfur, there are three quarters of a million people beyond humanitarian reach, 2.5 million people displaced by the violence, 385,000 people in immediate risk of starvation, and over two million dead in 22 years of violence and deprivation.

But it wasn't genocide in Sudan that interested the Human Rights Council. Nor was it a billion Chinese without civil and political rights. Not 13 million women in Saudi Arabia whose lives depend on hiding from sight in public places and never being caught behind the wheel of an automobile.
Not the dire human rights conditions of 23 million people in North Korea. Not Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's incitement to genocide or his country's legal system, which includes crucifixion, stoning and amputation.

NO, THERE was only one country singled out by the UN Human Rights Council, and that was Israel.



On its final day, the Council passed just one resolution condemning human rights violations by any of the 192 UN members, and directed it at Israel. When it was all over, the Council decided to hold its first special (emergency) session within the next few days - on Israel.