Thursday, February 08, 2007

Disturbing the patients in the asylum

Hey let's party .. head down to headquarters of global warming hysteria, the spiritual Mecca of their faith, the SMH comments section. The author wrote a post saying that Australia is in no position to lecture China because we are also bad polluters, to which I responded:

China produces 10 times as much greenhouse gases as Australia.

Why should anyone cut emissions when there are other higher priorities that need addressing ?

Unless of course your aim is to get us to cut living standards and increase poverty through the western world.

Oh boy -that certainly shook things up in the asylum. The preachers came out with a fiery sermon condemning those who doubt that Gaia will destroy us all with her mighty warming:

However, it would be wrong to shut our eyes to the question of total production when obviously China (and many other countries) produces more Green House Gases than Australia.

But it is also wrong to justify our wasteful and environmentally damaging lifestyles based on the fact that there are fewer of us than there are of them.

True, it would be foolish to allow china to continue polluting unchecked, but it is hypocritical of us to condemn them for merely seeking the same development opportunities and lifestyles that we have enjoyed for so long.

... Posted by: Ro at February 8,:01 PM

Thanks Ro. And yes, you make a marvelous point. We should all strive to live in poverty the Chinese way ! Forget about having lots of food, technology, medicine and opportunities, the planet demands we live in poverty or else it will destroy us all !

Next is this moonbat:
Jono at 1104am must have his script written by John Howard. We have the grand daddy of a fight on our hands, and barely a soul on this blog has accepted that we ALL need to change our behaviour and our expectations. With our standard of life here it is disturbing to hear people refusing to give up anything in their selfish, materialistic life-styles. We have to set examples here or all is lost.
...Posted by: Georgie at February 8, 2007 2:47 PM
NOOO Georgie found out my secret.. quick John Howard, tell me what to say !! All is lost !! You hear that. Not some balanced remark about how man made global warming could be costly... just a statement that the apocalypse is coming unless we change our lives !

Hmm, funny thing Georgie, you don't mind using computers and electricity, you're not setting a very good example !! Don't you know that tonnes of steel, coal, fuels and metals are used in the manufacturing of computers ? You are destroying the planet you hypocrite !!

As for giving up something from my selfish materialistic lifestyle .... it won't be at the hands of thieving Green politicians voted in by you. You're not asking me to give up something, you're trying to vote in a party who will steal, tax and regulate even more of my life.

And we also get a lesson in economics from this brainiac:

Part of the problem is our Prime Minister is living in the past, he seems to think that fossil fuels are economical heaven, unwilling to acknowledge that the consequences could cause hell on earth, with a very high price tag.

Even if the worst case scenario turns out not to come to pass, surely it makes sense to clean up the air we breathe, save ourselves money by being more energy efficient and change to renewable energy now rather than when we have no choice?

Ask who stands to get the most out of burning fossil fuels, it's not the majority of the population, it's the the industry bosses and business who make billions of dollars profit, out of consumers. It's not the miners, making the big bucks, the miners work much harder, maybe miners would rather be employed in the building of solar power stations?.
.... Posted by: A Hutchins at February 8, 2007 2:06 PM
Whoah, there they go again these religious types, evoking images of hell to get us to repent for our sins. The IPCC themselves warned of 1.8 to 5 degrees of warming in the next century. Its nothing short of hell on earth !!

As for saving ourselves money, umm, what is the cheapest source of energy ? Hint: its not solar or wind !

And that mighty profitable solar industry, it sure does pay well ! Those thousands of stupid miners, who think they get paid excellent salaries - its all just fiction.

What I detect here is a consistent lack of critical thought. These people just swallow whatever headlines the SMH publishes about global warming, and never research the underlying claims. I doubt they actually bother to read the whole article.