Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Run Rudy Run !

On Fox News, Rudy Giuliani announced he filed papers for his candidacy and would run for President in 2008. I'm hoping he can win the Republican primary vote and run for President next year, instead of Hillary or Barack Obama. Well, my first pick would be libertarian candidate Ron Paul, but it isn't likely he will get far with his limited popularity and resources.

Watch the interview below and you may well be convinced that he represents what could be one of the greatest presidents, and the perfect man for the job. Unlike other Republican contenders, he has universal appeal. Sam Brownback is too much of a religous-theoconservative type, and Mitt Romney is even more inconsistent in his policy than John Kerry.

Small government, strong on defence, moderate on gay marriage and abortion. Even though Hillary may not be too different (well, except for the fact that she loves big government spending), she is a much more unsettling character and less personable than the heroic Giuliani who ran towards the twin towers on 9-11 and showed leadership and authority.