Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Letter to the PM

Dear Prime Minister,
I would like to congratulate you, and fellow members of the Liberal Party, who had the common sense to ridicule the climate change alarmists amongst the Greens and ALP.

Although the current global warming hysteria is bolstered by widespread media support, through alarmist headlines and mis-reporting of scientific research and evidence, I believe that it will be a passing fad, even if it takes 10 or 20 years to fade.

Environmental groups were warning of global cooling only 30 years ago, and a 1932 edition of the NY times which was published this week contained an article warning of (non man made) catastrophic global warming and oceans rising, predicting fish would swim in Buckingham palace.

I will continue to support the Liberal party so long as it doesn't cave in to the environmental groups. I believe it already has gone too far, with billions in wasteful spending towards solar energy.

I think you should spend more time articulating why you take a skeptical and cautious approach to the issue, and relate it to the Liberal party ideology, suggesting that free markets, property rights and enterprise will deliver the best environmental outcomes, and that governmental regulation is a poor and inferior mechanism at prioritising issues and allocating resources.

I hope you find some spare time to read Bjorn Lomborg's book, The Skeptical Environmentalist, to see how there are far better priorities for alleviating human suffering in the world, such as supplying Africa with drinking water and fighting the spread of AIDS and malaria.

You should reiterate that "everybody" accepts Climate Change as fact... the planet is a dynamic and complex system after all. The only doubt exists as to the direction of change, the magnitude of impact that human activity actually has, the likely impact of costly regulation and side effects created by carbon trading schemes (refer to New Zealand and Germany to see what a failure it is).

The biggest uncertainty of all, is whether a small amount of warming is harmful or beneficial. Some Russian farmers can now grow crops where there was only fields of ice.

I also encourage you to read this 10 part report in Canada's National Post about the global warming debate