Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Greedy thieving bureaucrats in Brackistan

Federal treasurer Peter Costello told the state premiers that they should offer people some tax relief, perhaps by cutting stamp duty on conveyancing of property.

As expected, the greedy socialistas in the Victorian ALP would never give up an inch of power or a dollar or revenue without a fight.

Mr Costello says the states are in a position to slash the tax and has called on them to do so.

But Victorian Treasurer John Brumby blames the Federal Government for a lack of housing affordability, saying it has failed to keep interest rates down.

He said Victoria had already made some cuts to stamp duty.

Yeah miniscule cuts. Why not abolish the whole thing altogether, what is the damn point of stamp duty and taxing a property every time it changes hands !?

Brumby the thieving liar continues:

"We've got the most generous first home bonus of any state in Australia, $7000."

Mr Brumby said Melbourne was the most affordable city on the eastern seaboard.

What part of "tax cut" don't you understand ? We're not asking you to give some taxes back through subsidies, such as the first home bonus. We would like to keep what is rightfully ours in the first place, and abolish both the taxes and the subsidies in one blow. Get government out of the property market, they have no business intervening and regulating it.
Is it any consolation that Melbourne is supposedly more affordable that Sydney and Brisbane ??

These thieving bureaucrats have a standard response to any suggestion that they actually give back some of the taxes and stop thieving. They usually pick one of the following to try and distract us from the issue:
  • Other state governments thieve even more than us and tax people more heavily so there is no point in us reducing our taxes.
  • But we are giving some of the taxes back( i.e look at these subsidies we are giving to first home owners)
  • Tax cuts won't really help people, because you see, the current interest rates are costing them a lot and that is why they are suffering.
  • We already gave a small tax cut last year.
And right on cue, John Brumby delivers some typical meaningless doublespeak:
"All of this means that what the Victorian Government is doing is exactly in the right direction, is the right plan," he said.
Yes.Doublespeak is alive and well.

Failure is a sign of success! Tax cuts don't help people! War is peace! Arbeit macht frei!

Onwards with the super-state !