Thursday, March 29, 2007

There's good news, and ...

Kevin Rudd, earlier this week, announced that the Labor Party will now support economic growth and free trade.

The Labor Left factions thought to themselves, "How dare you Mr Rudd ! Whats all this nonsense about freedom, liberty, growth and enterprise ! We want less freedom, more taxes ! Crush the peasantry or else we will throw you out of the party!

So what have the Labor premiers suggested in a report ? What are their plans if Rudd wins the federal election. Raise the GST !!

After all, the GST revenue goes to the state's coffers. All those fat Labor premiers are rubbing their hands with glee, salivating and hissing "my preciousss.... " at the thought of more money to line their pockets, increase the scope of government and hire more public servants.