Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Victoria - the "prison" to be

Certainly not the "place to be", as there is a distinct drop in freedom and liberty. After the horrors of the Burnley Tunnel incident last Friday, talkback radio and political figures are buzzing with plans and "ideas" to increasingly regulate the use of roads by cars and trucks alike. Reduced speed limits, rules on which lanes trucks may use, tailgating laws are being proposed.

And on a personal level, I have just suffered at the hands of power-mad regulators. You see, my family has a couple of spare tickets to the swimming finals this Sunday at Rod Laver arena. They are no longer needed as we are unable to go. My first instinct was to advertise them on eBay, and let people who DO want to go purchase them. I would rather have cash in hand then the tickets themselves at the moment.

All I need is to find a willing buyer - I am glad to transact with any party who would rather have tickets in hand than cash.

Well.. within an hour of listing the tickets, eBay cancelled the auction and sent me the following notice:

The resale of tickets to events (including sporting contests, music concerts and plays) and airline tickets can often be regulated by the ticket issuer. As a ticket seller, you are responsible for ensuring that your particular transaction does not violate any applicable law or the terms of the ticket itself. Therefore, prior to buying or selling these types of items members should contact the ticket issuer and ensure the resale is permitted.

The Victorian Minister for Sport and Recreation has declared the event you are selling ticket(s) to as a ?declared event? under the Sports Event Ticketing (Fair Access) Act 2002 (Vic). This legislation deems the conditions on tickets to this event to be valid and enforceable. Those conditions include the requirement that these tickets must not be re-sold above their face value.
There you have it.. government stamp their foot on free trade and enterprise. This serves as a reminder that government has never created wealth, opportunity or innovation. They can only distort it and destroy it.

If anybody is interested in going to the FINA swimming finals this Sunday 7pm, please email me. I have 2 tickets, Door 6, Row PP, seats 195 and 196. B-Reserve tickets cost $98 each so I would be glad to sell them for $196.
Email me at : clueblog - at - yahoo - dot - com -dot - au