Friday, May 23, 2008

Atlas Shrugged doublespeak

The book continues to enthrall and captivate me. It seems that at each turn of events, as the entrepreneurs valiantly and heroically overcome massive obstacles to build the railroads, employ massive resources, innovate and overcome new regulations and government hurdles, the "looters" and competitors head to Washington to pass ever increasing "progressive" regulations and bills.

They are all doublespeak, because they have benign names yet they have disastrous consequences.

Each bill increases the power and scope of the government, and further restricts entrepreneurs and capitalists. And many government councils also form to consolidate power and control over an industry.

  • The Anti-dog-eat-dog Rule is passed by the National Alliance of Railroads in section 145, allegedly to prevent "destructive competition" between railroads. The rule gives the Alliance the authority to forbid competition between railroads in certain parts of the country
  • Equalization of Opportunity Bill A bill designed by the Looters that proposes to limit the number of businesses any one person can own to one.
  • Friends of Global Progress is political organization run by Claude Slagenhop and supported by Philip Rearden. It is a sponsor of the Equalization of Opportunity Bill.
  • Preservation of Livelihood Law, which would limit the production of Rearden Metal (the biggest producer of steel in the industry)
  • Fair Share Law, which would give an equal amount of Rearden Metal to any customer who wants it.