Monday, May 19, 2008

Doing a crime doesn't make you a criminal

Because sometimes, the criminals and mafia bosses are themselves are the ones who pass ridiculous laws. There is no better way to protect the racket you are in than to pass laws against competition and other kinds of products and services. So we end up with hundreds of silly laws. Case in point:


On May 1, Pennsylvania state troopers arrived at the home of Mennonite farmer Mark Nolt, seizing a reported $20,000 to 25,000 worth of farm equipment and placing Nolt under arrest. His crime? The illegal sale of unpasteurized milk and other dairy products.

And Nolt isn't alone. In February, federal investigators subpoenaed two employees of Mark McAfee's Organic Pastures Dairy in California. Though the subpoenas do not indicate the purpose of the investigation, McAfee told me the feds were seeking evidence that his dairy was selling unpasteurized milk for human consumption across state lines.