Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rudd's broken promises

For a guy who promises to cut spending, slash the number of public servants and for his razor gang to find real ways to reduce government expenditure, this action shows that he doesn't intend to back up his words.

The newest bureaucracy to burden society is the Australian Social Inclusion Board.

Andrew Landeryou has the full press release, which he aptly describes as "a complete wank". What follows is the biggest waste of tax dollars imaginable, towards some more Rudd-style feel-goodism. (My comments are in red italic below)

Australian Social Inclusion Board

The Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister will today attend the first meeting of the new Australian Social Inclusion Board.

Every Australian should have an opportunity to be a full participant in the life of the nation. (what a very vague goal that is) Unfortunately, too many Australians remain locked out of the benefits of work, education, community engagement and access to basic services. (locked ? you mean they can't find work ? And what exactly is 'community engagement' ? Is it something a murderer or paedophile does ?)

This social exclusion is a significant barrier to sustained prosperity and restricts Australia’s future economic growth.

Promoting social inclusion requires a new way of governing. Australia must rethink how policy and programs across portfolios and levels of government can work together to combat economic and social disadvantage. (Hmm, "new way" .. "rethink".. let me go out on a limb here and guess it will involve bigger government and new bureaucracy?)

The Australian Social Inclusion Board which brings together leaders from around the country, will be instrumental in meeting this challenge. ( BINGO ! Good guess)

Tackling disadvantage involves generating effective, practical solutions at the level of government, local communities, of service providers, employers and of families and individuals themselves.

The Australian Social Inclusion Board will consult widely and provide views and advice to the Government.

The Board will be asked to focus on the most disadvantaged geographic areas and communities in the nation. (And they will of course propose solutions that tax and burden those who aren't needy)

In doing so the Board will be asked to make recommendations on policy that could change the lifetime circumstances of jobless families and children at risk. (like what ?? more welfare ? more government services ? more state intervention ?)

The Rudd Government has already begun work on a number of priorities which are important to the social inclusion agenda, including work on homelessness, a disability and mental health employment strategy, closing the gap for Indigenous Australians and universal access to pre-school. (and just how spectacular a failure are those feel-good measures ?)


Do read more.. and scroll down to see some of the celebrities included in the Board, such as Eddie Maguire, a Catholic priest and just about every social worker this country has ever produced.