Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A book about socialised health

In Australia, whether we realize it or not, the public discourse suggests we follow in the footsteps of Britain's National Health Service. There are repeated calls to fix the health system, increase budgets, more resources, more regulations, stricter licensing and also calls to regulate and shrink the private health sector.

There is a new book based on research and opinions from 100 health professionals in Britain that show what a dismal and unpopular failure the NHS is. It clearly would be in our best interests to see where socialised medicine would lead us.

Significantly, the study lays bare for the first time the private views of a large number of the country’s most senior health politicians, policy advisers, academics, journalists and professionals.

Containing a series of devastating blows to the NHS as it prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary, the research shows that when speaking off the record a substantial majority of Britain’s health elite no longer believe in nationalised healthcare.

Instead, an overwhelming majority accept a much greater role for private provision - including private hospitals, clinics, GP services and dentists.