Friday, June 13, 2008


I have to endorse two mainstream libertarian blogs that have a large readership and are devoted to monitoring news from a liberty-oriented perspective.

From the UK comes Samizdata, who have plenty to criticise in their home country. Britain seems to already be one of the most regulated surveillance states on the planet, where massive databases, millions of cameras, enhanced police powers and of course, oppressive road and traffic laws, have restricted people's freedom of movement and freedom of association to a big extent. Not to mention the abysmal state and bloated budgets of public health and education.

And from the US is the always interesting, Liberty Papers. They do an excellent job of monitoring and attacking two issues in particular - excessive police powers and police brutality, as well as the war on drugs and the imprisonment of thousands of nonviolent offenders. They celebrate America's heritage and constitution, and clearly and articulately argue in defence of people's freedom of speech and freedom to defend themselves.