Thursday, June 26, 2008

Head of the ABC calls for regulation of internet

Freedom is under assault by our social elites. The head of the ABC believes online media and video should be subject to the same regulation as our traditional broadcasters.

Somebody please take this communist out against a brick wall and shoot him in the head. First they come after our speech, then its our property, then its our lives. Don't ever give up your freedom of speech.

ABC television chief Kim Dalton has called on the federal Government to extend Australia's TV content standards to web-based video, a move that would greatly increase government regulation of the internet.

But Mr Dalton will argue in a speech at the CCI International Conference in Brisbane today that with more TV being delivered through broadband internet services there is a risk of our culture being lost under a tide of cheap-to-access overseas programming. He warns that unless urgent moves are taken, Australian content could be wiped from the new broadcasting landscape in as little as five or 10 years.

"Consumers are demanding more extensive online, video-based entertainment," he says in the speech. "The business model here favours cheap, foreign video content and ... online content is putting pressure on established business models.



"Yet, as we engage with these unlimited options and choices, our analog policy framework is letting us down and in fact is arguably putting at risk a fundamental social and cultural choice: availability of Aus-tralian content."

You hear that.. Consumers demand foreign content. Not ABC crap. Instead of the ABC trying to compete and get some decent ratings, they do what all sniveling socialists do - ask for government protection and muscle to take out the new competition.

Implicit in his plea for mafia protection, is the acknowledgement of the truth behind the matter. That it is clear that Australian content needs government protection to have a chance, otherwise we stupid plebs would be watching 'foreign-content' (gasp !)

Get stuffed you dinosaur, hands off our internet !