Monday, February 27, 2006

Hamas: We'll give you peace.. in stages.

Until now, Hamas has been openly and consistently calling for the destruction of Israel, the genocide of Jews and the tactic of suicide bombings.

After winning the Palestinian elections, the international community has for once stood firm and sent a fairly consistent message that Hamas must renounce its genocidal goals, recognise Israel and negotiate towards peace. Failure to do so has resulted in all finances being frozen.

The previous Palestinian Authority was well-known for its doublespeak. It would manage to play the media game very well and fool the international community by denouncing terrorism and stating that it is fully committed to the peace process. Despite the fact that it continued to physically and financially support terrorism, the international community kept funding Arafat's kleptocracy in order to "build confidence and trust", in the misguided hope that his government would use its power to bring about peace.

Well.. it shouldn't have taken Hamas long to realise that they too can play the media game. Just issue a few statements here and there about "the peace process" (a concept very different to peace) and that should keep the pressure on Israel. So Hamas' latest gem is an offer of peace in stages.

"The answer," he said, "is to let Israel say it will recognise a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders, release prisoners and recognise the rights of the refugees to return to Israel.

"Hamas will have a position if that occurs."