Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The sorry state of the Victorian Liberal Party

Brookesnews has a couple of good articles on the sorry state of the Victorian Liberal Party under party power-broker Michael Kroger. Money quote:

Isn’t it very strange that all of this, and much more, is flying below Kroger’s political radar? There are plenty of other places where Bracks is vulnerable. His wasteful and ridiculous funding of highly expensive and grossly inefficient windmills for generating electricity. His refusal to build more dams. His phoney energy conservation policies that have driven up the price of housing. Outrageous taxes on new blocks of land and restrictive regulations that have further reduced supply of land and priced thousands more out of the housing market.

You would think that even if Bracks was a competent leader who respected freedom and commerce, instead of pandering to environmentalist fringe groups at every turn, his chances of surviving another election would be pretty slim. The way the election cycle works, most people start to get pretty sick of the same guy after 5 years and are ready to boot him out.

But unfortunately the opposition is a total rabble, and you barely hear them opposing Brack's authoritarian policies and soviet style economics.