Friday, May 05, 2006

"Feminist media studies" makes your head bleed

This is what 2nd year professional communication or media students at Melbourne's RMIT university are forced to cover as part of their prescribed reading. I must warn you that it will make your head reel and your brain to turn to mush and leak out through your ears. Such nonsensical and incoherent arguments are hard to come across in modern times, but it seems our post-modern thinkers are always ready to supply us with more.

I quote you a paragraph from L. Van Zoonen's "New Themes in Feminist Media Studies", 1994:

For a boy to become a man he has to separate from his mother and identify with his father. The little girl on the other hand pases these phases differently. As she becomes aware of her own lack of a penis, she develops penis envy and resents the mother for badly equipping her. To take revenge she turns to the father, competing for his love with her mother and desiring his penis. Only of the girl succeeds in substituting her phallic desire by the wish to have a baby - the ultimate penis substitute for women according to Freud - will she develop as an untroubled mature woman.