Monday, May 01, 2006

NY loonies on the march

An "anti-war" protest took place near ground zero in Manhattan. I say anti-war with scare quotes because the biggest oponents of the Iraq war were actually quite fond of Bill Clinton's bombing of Kosovo. I guess they are only anti-war when a Republican president is in power:

One of the many signs in the crowd read “End this war, bring the troops home.” Another read “Veterans for Peace.”

One woman who marched says she “had a lot of anger” and has to do something. Marjori Ramos of Staten Island said, “We’ve been lied to.”

Rev. Jesse Jackson, actress Susan Sarandon, and Cindy Sheehan, whose 24-year-old son died in Iraq, were among the marchers.

Ahh yes that scholar on world politics, Susan Sarandon. And now peace mom Cindy Sheehan has become something of a celebrity herself. The mainstream media are wilfully blind to the fact she is a proven liar

I will tell the world why Casey has no marker yet. In the first place, does anyone who is attacking me know how Casey was brought home from Iraq? We picked him up in the United loading dock in a cardboard box and he was off-loaded into a hearse without one honor guard. We had to wait for about a half hour on a curb near the United freight area for his one escort, who rode from Dover Air Force Base in a seat, while Casey was treated as an over-sized piece of luggage. Has anybody held her other sobbing children who are sitting on a curb in San Francisco, waiting for the remains of their big brother to be carried over to the dock by a forklift?

WE don’t see them because Mama Bush doesn’t want to “bother her pretty mind” with the images... Our government discards and dishonors its own.

But Gateway Pundit has the following to say about her outrageous claim:

The Nadeau Funeral Home has a fine tradition of serving the Vacaville community and they went out of their way to make sure that the Sheehans were well taken care of during the difficult period when they had to bury their son, Casey. Nadeau Funeral Home has also helped two other families of fallen soldiers. They work hard to help these suffering families of fallen soldiers.

Mr. Nadeau is very upset about the article that Cindy Sheehan wrote regarding the Nadeau Funeral Home in Vacaville, California. He also said that the funeral home is being inundated with calls of support from the community since the article was published. Mr. Nadeau said he wrote The Reporter in Vacaville but the paper did not publish most of the information that he had provided. Here is that information...

When questioned about the casket:

“The casket arrived in San Francisco from Dover which is 67 miles from Vacaville. Sacramento would not have been as far. The casket was a beautiful hardwood casket, government regulation. It was covered in an ”airtray“ to protect it during the flight. It is a certified covering that all caskets must be covered in when they are flown from one location to another.

What about the forklift?

”There was no forklift. The military men present and the airport employees were very reverent in unloading the casket of this young man. They set the casket on a set of rollers and were very respectful in unloading Casey Sheehan.“

On the Sheehan Family:

”This was very upsetting because we have known the Sheehan’s for years through St. Mary’s Catholic Church where Cindy Sheehan was the youth director. Casey Sheehan was a wonderful young man. We have known the family for years.“

On Cindy’s article:

”We do not know why she would want to bring down the name of this fine and respected funeral home. Cindy is sticking with her story. We have, of course, kept all of the receipts that show we paid the cemetery. If Cindy Sheehan wanted to pick on someone, she picked the wrong ones."

Even though she is clearly unstable, emotional and hateful, she is still touted as a celebrity by the media. Whats more, she is on her way to Melbourne this month, so maybe I will get the opportunity to hear her talk in person.

I'm sure those in attendance will be of a similar maturity to the protestors in NY: