Monday, May 08, 2006

Murder, slavery and rape in the Congo.. whose to blame ?

Johann Hari has written an incredible and shocking, must-read account of the hell that exists in the Congo. He describes his first-hand encounters with the victims of violence, rape and slavery, and gives an insight into the many militias that exist in the lawless region.

After describing such despair, poverty and violence suffered by Africans, he unfortunately continues, in the way only left-wing ideologues can, to place some blame on us folks in the West:

In reality, they are immense holes in the ground, in which men, women and children – lots of children – pick desperately with makeshift hammers or their bare hands at the red earth, hoping to find some coltan or cassiterite to set on the long conveyor belt to your house or mine. Coltan is a metal that conducts heat unusually brilliantly. It is contained in your mobile, your lap-top, your son’s Playstation – and 80 percent of the world’s supplies sit beneath the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Ingo Mbale, 51, explains how the West’s hunger for coltan is fed. “We were enslaved three years ago,” he says. “An RCD captain [from one of the militias] arrived and forced us to mine for them at gun-point. They gave us no money, it was slave labour.
Somehow, I just knew Johann Hari would find the "blame the West" angle, just as he does in any story. There are huge ethnic divides in Africa, and many people form violent militias that go about seizing land, executing children and raping women. But somehow, just because some resource that is abundant in Congo is valued highly by Asia, Europe and the US, we are to blame. Even in the Rwandan genocide where the ethnic majority formed militias that used machettes and old firearms to butcher the ethnic minority, leftists managed to find a way to blame the West, saying that we should have intervened.

Without doing any fact checking or research, Johann Hari goes on to promote this brazen anti-American lie:
Lumumba claimed to be a democratic socialist who wanted to overcome Congo’s ethnic divisions. We will never know if he could have fulfilled this dream, because the CIA decided he was a “mad dog” who had to be put down. Before long, one of their agents was driving around Kinshasa with the elected leader’s tortured corpse in the boot looking for a place to dump him, and the CIA’s man – Mobutu Sese Seko – was in power and in the money.
The reality is that a subsequent investigation showed the CIA to have no involvement whatsoever in the removal of Lumumba. But facts are just a mere nuisance to left-wing gospel. Nonetheless, this account is a must-read. So long as people read things with an open yet skeptical mind, you can distill the facts and horrors in the story from the left wing editorialising and assignment of blame.

Unfortunately though, Andrew Sullivan who considers himself a conservative, when linking to this article shamefully wrote:
Read how cheap playstations have led to gang rapes, enslavement and massacres.