Monday, May 08, 2006

Quotes of Richard Carleton

As I'm sure many know, veteran 60 minutes reporter Richard Carleton yesterday died from a heart attack during a press conference at the Beaconsfield mine disaster in Tasmania.

Personally, I hated his work in the past. His arrogance and bigotry were his characteristics. I don't take any joy from his death, I would have much rather he retired from journalism altogether and kept his opinions away from the 60 minutes program.

Here are some famous quotes of the spin-master:
Regarding Michael Moore's documentary:

"It’s pure propaganda, and I fully support it because I oppose the war.”
Regarding the death of 12 year old Palestinian boy Mohammed-al-Dura, whose death was ultimately proven to be caused by Palestinian gunfire:
The "overwhelming evidence," averred Mr Carleton, "is that boy was targeted, murdered, by Israeli soldiers."
Describing Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount:
"a brazenly provocative act".
(gee, what about all the other times Ariel Sharon and other Israeli ministers have visited the Temple Mount before ? )
And the report I personally hate the most was when he covered the Israeli defence barrier:
"Madness is the currency in Israel right now. Acts of madness are commonplace. And this is perhaps an expression of just how barren and brutal thinking has become here. A concrete wall to segregate Israelis from Palestinians, occupiers from occupied. Formidable as it looks, though, this wall will not solve the problems, because the source of Israel's problems lies on the other side."
And this little exchange shows why I think the guy was an arrogant prick:

YISRAEL MEDAD: We took this territory as a result of a defensive war in 1967.

RICHARD CARLETON: And you should give it back.

YISRAEL MEDAD: If that's your opinion, fine. My opinion's very different.

RICHARD CARLETON: No, world opinion. World opinion as represented by the United Nations.