Monday, December 11, 2006

The Greens boil children alive

No, I'm not making this stuff up, sadly. But this is the kind of socialist utopian nonsense you get in Brunswick where local Green's councillor Andrea Sharam denied a child care centre permission to install air-conditioning on the grounds that it wasn't environmentally friendly. Meanwhile, children suffered from heat exhaustion in temperatures exceeding 35 degrees.

Thankfully, the local mayor Tony Helou intervened to grant them permission. Andrew Landeryou has the full scoop of this shameful story.

A very important story of inner urban rebellion against the ruling Greens dominant paradigm played itself out over the past couple of weeks in Coburg, sister soviet of the People's Republic of Brunswick.

The Moreland Council had decided to reject the request of the staff of the Shirley Robertson Children's Centre for air-conditioning earlier in the year on "environmental grounds." Even Australia's weakest union the LHMU which pretends to represent childcare workers and has delivered them some of the lowest wages that legally exist complained, saying it was an unsafe workplace as a result of the extremely high temperatures in the centre.


Parents have been outraged about their kids being forced to endure temperatures as high as 35 degrees celsius. So hot were conditions in the facility that the younger kids had to be stripped to nappies and underwear to prevent them being so hot that they collapsed.

Only one of the rooms was airconditioned so staff would alternate children in there for some respite and had fifteen kids in the small room at one stage, itself a breach of childcare regulations.

The heartless and cruel local Greens Councillor Andrea Sharam personally blocked the airconditioning request saying "non-energy alternatives" such as shading were more appropriate. "I accept that it's been warm, but traditionally none of us had airconditioning. We can't cope with it all of a sudden when it gets above 35 degrees," the Greens comrade told the local press from airconditioned council offices.

"Commonsense things can be done to make it cooler," she said despite having failed to implement any of them.

A local mum Justine Larkins denounced the Greens councillor "She is forgetting the children in all of this. She's just playing politics."