Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The world's biggest gangster resigns

Kofi Annan, head of the UN mafia, gave his farewell speech today, and took a nasty vicious swipe at the US once again.

In a striking speech three weeks before he retires, Mr Annan made a plea for "far-sighted'' US leadership, saying global institutions could get little done if the United States remained aloof.
Damn you America and your aloof-ness !

People are starving as ethnic conflicts tear apart Africa, women and minorities are still heavily oppressed in the middle east under dark ages mentality, North Korea and Cuba are outposts of tyranny where freedom and prosperity never appear, terrorism is being used against Western nations to influence their foreign policy.
For 30 years, the UN has never failed - at failing to resolve conflicts.

The human rights council has often been led, and the agenda driven by some of the most despicable and violent regimes on the planet. Terrorist wars against Israel, Chinese aggression towards Taiwan and ethnic minorities, violence in Southern Thailand, North Korea's nuclear blackmail of Japan and other neighbours ( and Iran's attempts to follow suit) , the genocide in Rwanda, and the ongoing genocide in Sudan, the occupation of Lebanon by Hezbollah and Syrian proxies.

All of these are drastic failures that the UN cannot bring itself to even acknowledge. It cannot even agree to call a spade a spade. They refuse to label the atrocities in Sudan as genocide. They refuse to even call genocidal fundamentalist militia groups that target random non-Muslims in civilian areas as terrorists.

In the speech, Mr Annan also argued that states who used military force must convince other countries it was legitimate and for shared aims.

An age of terrorists seeking weapons of mass destruction and health threats like SARS, required nations to stand together.

"Against such threats as these, no nation can make itself secure by seeking supremacy over all others. We share the responsibility for each other's security,'' he said.

"None of our global institutions can accomplish much when the US remains aloof.''

States have to convince other countries that its legitimate before using military force ? Umm, this has to be the most unrealistic statement, even from a diplomat, I've heard in a long while. Perhaps America could have tried convincing Saddam that it was a good idea to topple him with military force ? Perhaps America would have succeeded convincing Iraqi allies like Russia and China ? Not in a million years.

But also, note that Kofi says "states", and he doesn't place the responsibility on terrorist groups. If Hezbollah wants to fire a few thousand rockets at Israel, feel free, you don't even need to convince Kofi, he's satisified. But if Israel wants to retaliate, better hold a few lengthy and pointless emergency sessions of the UN first.

He said he prayed for "far-sighted American leadership"
Oh no, Kofi prays to higher forces. A man of faith in charge of one of the worlds most powerful institutions ! The lefties will surely be outraged at Kofi and demand he be replaced ! Lucky enough, his days are over, and January 1st will see his replacement Ban-Ki Moon take the job. I don't really envy him, its a tough job and the whole concept of a global parliament where countries can hold hands and sing kumbaya is a serious waste of time.