Friday, April 28, 2006

Property rights get trampled on by socialist governments

Over at Mangled thoughts comes several disturbing accounts of how branches of government are over-regulating what people can do with their land and property. When you regulate what a person can do with their property, you dilute their property rights completely.

This morning there was a dawn raid on a property in N.S.W. Officers of a deprartment had called in the police and jointly raided the property.


In a field of a farm in Victoria, a farmer discovered it has a surface layer of granite salts. It has value as material for road making mix. Naturally, he decided he would mine it, sell it and then return the field to regular production uses. To do so, however, though it is his property, under the Junta’s own stalinist `environmental laws’ and those of the local council, he had to inform the goon squad of what he would do. The goon squad with ACF Pol Potians intow, tresspassed onto his property, and it is tresspass, and, lo, there, in the field were tufts of `native grass’. Well, that was it, he was issued, you can not mine the field notice or, we will throw you into prison.
The Prime Minister’s brother is, of course, defending a crimninal action against him, for the matter, of the removal of a stand of ugly `native’ trees on his property in N.S.W. Which were a fire hazard and was a snake attractant, and which stood near his care-taker’s house and neither the care-taker nor the Prime Minister’s brother wished to see the children of the care-taker bitten by bloody snakes nor the house burned to the ground by fire.
It is unbeleivable that a party with the name Liberal party should be as avidly addicted to National Socialism as their opponents in the ALP are. It is outrageous.
Gotta agree wholeheartedly. Despite the media's best efforts to portray the Liberal party as the party of laissez-fair capitalism, they are nothing but socialist democrats.