Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Australian continues its assault against Israel

More Israel-bashing in the guise of "analysis", from their middle east correspondent, Martin Chulov, in today's article titled "Horns of dilemma for new democracy".

I'll start to debunk this nonsensical analysis which rests heavily on the assumption that Hamas is a rational political actor, not a genocidal fundamentalist terrorist group.

IF ever Israel needed to tread carefully in response to Palestinian militancy, it is now.

Mmmhmm, gotta watch out for those militants who blow themselves up in crowded restaurants whilst calling out to Allah. Why are so many journalists afraid to call a spade a spade ? They always avoid using the T-word.
Israel's stance has been backed by the US, the European Union, the UN and Russia, who have ignored a fundamental contradiction with their Middle East policy since Hamas was elected. They all hailed democracy as a panacea to Middle East problems, yet now they want to destroy what democracy has delivered.
According to this analysis, it is the hypocritical Western nations who are contradicting themselves ?! This guy claims that the West imposed democracy and then they want to destroy its results. Well, what do you do when another state elects a terrorist government sworn to perpetual war and jihad ? Of course when acts of violence occur, you retaliate. And up till now, the Western nations haven't fired a missile. They have made it clear that Hamas have every right to govern, but that doesn't give them the right to promote terrorism and wage warfare on their neighbours without some kind of response.
By holding out against the pressure, Hamas could become a heroic group that sacrificed its rule on the altar of its determination to stand up to the West.
Hamas would then almost certainly return to the violence that rattled Israel throughout the intifada. And it would likely be emboldened by the support of Palestinians.
Hamas could become a heroic group by standing up the West ? This shows us the depraved pro-terrorist viewpoint of the writer. It is those sympathetic to terrorist groups that help them acheive their political goals and prevents them from renouncing violence.

But what exactly does he mean by "holding out against the pressure" ? As the writer himself noted above, the only demands from the West are to stop violence and recognise Israel. Loosely translated, this means Hamas is pressured to drop its commitment to wiping out the state of Israel. So the writer is really whitewashing his positive approval of the idea of Hamas continuing to be a violent terrorist group. He is also framing in a positive light, the utterly depressing fact that Palestinians support terrorism and violence.

Call me a right-wing death beast if you will, but the only sane analysis of the conflict is one which views Hamas a death-loving jihad cult committed to the destruction of Israel. Just because they have the widespread support of Palestinians does not make them popular. No, it just shows us more about Palestinian values than anything else.