Thursday, April 20, 2006

Peace in the middle east ?

With Hamas lording over the Palestinian people, the Iranian ayatollahs chasing nukes, and Iraqi sectarian violence continuing, the prospects of peace in the middle east are dwindling. But at least on the Israeli-Palestinian front, there is one reason to be optimistic - from Israeli writer, Etgar Keret, comes this gem:

"The hell it isn't," my father replied. "Listen, we've had so many Rabins and Pereses and Begins, people who tried to galvanize everyone with their charisma and energy. None of them ever really managed to bring us peace. I'm telling you, what this region needs is Olmert, someone who'll bore us and the Palestinians so much that we fall into a kind of stupor. A stupor that's a kind of co-existence. A co-existence that's a kind of peace. Forget all that 'peace of the courageous' stuff Barak and Arafat tried to sell us. Even a child knows that courageous people go into battle, they don't make peace. What this region needs is a peace of the tired, and Olmert's the man to put us all to sleep."